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About Ian Pineau

Ian was born and raised on Prince Edward Island.  A life long educator, Ian has worked across the country with youth and adults in outdoor environments. Active in environmental organizations and community groups wherever he has lived, Ian has a comprehensive understanding of sustainability issues from a variety of perspectives. A strong belief in the need to address all three pillars of sustainability in any and all decision making inform and drive his actions both personally and professionally. He has lived in Pembroke for the past 17 years working as a full-time Professor and Program Coordinator at the Pembroke Campus of Algonquin College training professional guides for the Adventure Tourism Industry.

Ian is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick and has a Masters of Education, specializing in Educational Leadership, from Charles Sturt University in Australia. Working in five of our ten provinces as well as the Yukon Territory, Ian has a strong understanding of national as well as local issues.

Currently sitting on several “boards of directors” and/or committees focussed on sustainability and stewardship issues the next logical step seemed to be getting involved in the ongoing Climate Crisis. A personal motto of “I refuse to do nothing” drives Ian to offer his services to the riding of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke. Watching the exponential growth of severe weather events directly attributable to the current Climate Crisis across the country and particularly in Renfrew County prompted a wish to become more involved in the solution to the greatest threat to mankind since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In hearing about the Green Party back in the early nineties Ian saw a natural alignment with a political party for the first time in his life. Identification with the party took another giant step forward when Elizabeth May was elected leader in 2004. Her work in Nova Scotia from the early ’80s was one of the first political struggles that Ian remembers feeling strongly about. Membership in the party started in 2010. The parties “Green Vision” resonates strongly with him as a foundational document. The recently articulated “Mission Possible: The Green Climate Action Plan” represents 20 doable, concrete and realistic steps that can be initiated immediately to help win what will be one of the greatest struggles in human history. Go Green! Vote Ian!

Ian Pineau with his wife Diana Komejan and their dog Phoebe.

Canadians in this election, more than ever, can vote from hope and from conviction, not from fear.

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